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About Ban-the-Box
We designate these 5 possible restrictions listed below to use when researching this topic:
  • Ban-the-Box 1: Use of criminal record only after applicant meets minimum employment qualifications
  • Ban-the-Box 2: Use of criminal record only at/after interview
  • Ban-the-Box 3: Use of criminal record only after conditional offer of employment
  • Ban-the-box 4: Certain major municipality
  • Ban-the-box 5: Inquiry after completion of application

Also, please click on the following 9-page document which reviews 5 major municipalities and lists 160+ counties and cities that impose some type of Ban-the-Box law within their respective jurisdictions.

2. Resource Tabs

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(The Author strongly urges all new users to initially read the first 2 Resource Tabs below and to refer to these sections frequently during the subscription term.)

General Information
  • Must-Read Special Instructions - What you need to know when using the State Rules Register
  • The FCRA Mandatory Reporting Restrictions
  • Court Case Involving CRA's Duties Under §611
  • EEOC Enforcement Guidance on Use of Criminal Records
  • Compliance with Investigative Consumer Reports
  • Series of Downloadable Publications Jointly Issued by the EEOC and FTC
    • Using Consumer Reports: What Employers Need to Know
    • Using Consumer Reports: What Landlords Need to Know
    • What Tenant Screening Firms Need to Know About the FCRA
    • Background Checks: What Applicants and Employees Should Know
    • Disposing of Consumer Report Information: Rule Tells How
  • The FCRA Relationship to State Laws
  • Determining Which State Law Applies
  • Seven-Year States
  • About HUD and Section 8 Housing
  • FCRA Mandated Forms
  • Los Angeles Fair Chance Initiative Form
  • New York Form Regarding Use of Social Security Number
  • New York City Fair Chance Act Form
  • Washington: Special Adverse Action Notice Form for Landlords
  • Remedying the Effects of Identity Theft (CFPB 2018 update)
  • Summary of Your Rights (CFPB 2018 update)
  • Massachusetts: Notice to Applicants Regarding Expunged Records
State or Municipality Specific Criteria
  • State Sales Tax Chart
  • New York City: Tenant Screening Reports – Sign Template
  • Ban-the-Box States Chart
  • Ban-the-Box Major Cities (Private Employers) Chart
  • About California
  • California Privacy Act of 2018 (April 26, 2019 Discussion)
  • Los Angeles Ban the Box: Employer Pre-Adverse Letter and Employer Notice of Rights (in English & Spanish)
  • San Francisco Labor and Housing Restrictions - With Required Notices
  • About New York Article 23-A
  • Massachusetts: Privacy Policy Explained
  • Massachusetts: CORI Explained
  • Massachusetts: CORI Statutes, Forms, and Related Materials
  • Certain Municipality and County Restrictions Including Ban-the-Box
  • E-Verify: States that Require and States that Outlaw It's Use
  • Illinois Conviction Record Protection FAQ
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