The Guide to Private Investigator State Licensing Laws

An Online Tool That Explains the States' Licensing Laws and When Laws Require a CRA to have a PI License

Each individual State Report includes the following data:

  1. If and when Private Investigators must be licensed in a state.
  2. Overview of licensing requirements and if the state has reciprocity with other states.
  3. If a CRA (Consumer Reporting Agency) is required to be licensed...and reasons why or why not.
  4. The state statute that governs licensing and if a CRA is exempt, with a link to the statutes.
  5. Complete contact information for the state's PI Licensing Board or Regulatory Agency that oversees licensing.

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How to Subscribe

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This product is collection of information on the subject of reportable/useable public record information. Please note that the Register is not to be considered legal advice. The facts in any situation may lead to a different result when statutes are interpreted by the courts. If you have specific questions in a state where you may have clients, you should contact a counsel within that state.