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Our products help you understand the necessary procedures to comply with federal and state laws and inform you about accessing government public records.

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# 1
The State Rules Register
Explains in Detail the States' FCRA Type Laws Which Impact Consumer Reporting Agencies, HR Managers, and Landlords.

# 2
HR Version of The State Rules Register
On YOUR Web Page for YOUR Clients: Imagine giving your clients the ability to use the HR version of the State Rules Register on your site - as if it was your software. This platform provides unlimited access for your clients to use as a reference tool.

# 3
Guide to Private Investigator State Licensing Laws
This Tool Interprets the States' PI Licensing Laws and Tells You Which States Require a CRA to have a PI License.

# 4
Other BRB Subscription Products
The family of BRB web pages and services provide a wealth of beneficial information to CRAs. The links to the right provide links to two of the most useful sites.

About Our Database Products
for CRAs
Criminal Record Courts
Available in either XML format or flat table purchase, integrate the important data attributes (fees, access methods, etc.) into your platform.

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Other BRB Datasets
BRB has other databases available in XML or flat table format including State Licensing Boards, Accredited Colleges, a County-to-Federal Court Table, and more.

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